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Why Iran Hates the United States

May 13, 2018 9:52 am
HeadAssClown By HeadAssClown
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Today on 4chan's /his/ forum, an anon begin a thread with the question, "Why does Iran hate the United States?". With a possible Iran vs. Israel war looming, which the United States would participate in through their proxy Israel, it might be interesting to have a look at some of the different perspectives on this question. Some of the reasons given are legitimate and others are not, but of course, in the mainstream media, Israel's shill, you will never hear any legitimate reasons.

    >1941: Allies invade Iran due to the Shah's supposed support of Nazi Germany
>Shah is deposed, they put his son on the throne as a puppet
>He sells the Americans and Brits rights to the oil fields in Iran
>1953: Iran democratically elects a new prime minister, his first major act in office is to nationalize the oil fields, taking them back from the Americans and Brits
>Shah flees the country
>Americans and Brits do not like this, so they stage a military coup using CIA/MI6 operatives and overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran
>reinstall the Shah, tell him to get his shit together
>Shah proceeds to get his shit together and starts instituting land reforms, gives women the vote, starts building schools
>only problem: the land he parceled out to poor farmers was previously owned by powerful Muslim clerics, the schools he built did not center around religious study, and he enfranchised women in general
>naturally the fundamentalist Muslims were pissed, and they rallied around Khomeini, the Ayatollah
>1979: the Shah is overthrown by Islamists who may or may not have been backed by the KGB
>new Muslim Fundamentalist regime sees the USA as the arch enemy of Islam and Iran, uses all its influence to instill deep and lasting hatred of the west in younger generations

    Khomeini was backed by the USA.

BBCPersian has found recently declassified documents in US National Archive about secret plan of president Kennedy to overthrow secular government of Pahlavi in favour of Shia clergy led by Ayatollah Khomeini through a coup plot in 1963.

US gov & CIA had formed "Iran 918 Group" consisted of a several Iranian Army commanders to overthrow Shah's government if he resist any Islamic revolution. One of the group members was Mohammad-Vali Gharani who later became Iran Army's Chief-of-Staff after Islamic revolution.

Later on, Carter's administration was also becoming tired with the Shah since he was no longer being an OPEC puppet, and Carter's administration initially backed Khomeini:

It is fairly clear from the linked document and several other declassified papers that elements of the US government were actively conspiring against the Shah from the mid 1970s until his fall. The Shah kept pushing for oil price hikes at a time of economic weakness in the West, and just after the US domestic oil production peaked. With that revenue he was embarking upon ambitious development programmes. Eventually, the US managed to get Saudi Arabia to undercut the official OPEC oil price and therefore undercut the Shah. Revolution came shortly afterwards

The USA began distancing itself from Iran since William E. Simon's 1974 petrodollar deal with Saudi Arabia.

Also, on a funnier note, Carter's ambassador to UN also called Khomeini a saint.

The Shah, Arayamehr ("light of the Aryans"), had visions of grandeur, and believed that oil prices could only continue to rise and based Iran's budget on that assumption.

The Shah wanted to become independent and no longer an OPEC puppet near the end of his reign, which lead to massive expansion in military spending (based on the assumption in the budget that oil prices would never stop rising), which entailed the arrival of tens of thousands of American contractors, who inflamed anti-American tensions in Iran through their boorish behaviour.

The Shah wanted to see Iran become a great power before he died, resulting in unsustainable military spending.

Carter gave millions to Khomeini, his UN representative called him a saint, and supported him as an alternative to the Shah.

The USA constantly changes alliances whenever it is convenient and in its economic interests. This is insane. Kissingerian realpolitik needs to be abandoned for the possibility of any rapprochement.

Honor and integrity is something most Americans know nothing about.

USA is supporting an even worse alternative than the IRI, and they are called MEK/NCRI (parent groups). They are Islamist cultists influenced by Marxism; they killed many Americans, gassed Iran's own people, and have a history of molestation and being cultish. USA supports Islamist extremists when they align with their geopolitical and economic interests.

ALSO, prior to the Revolution, UK/USA were spreading lots of propaganda demonizing the Shah VIA THE RADIOS, but this was just pretext covering the fact the USA wanted him gone due to becoming more independent.

    The US creates terror groups (and I don't mean the US is so mean that terror groups form to oppose it. I mean the US funds extremists groups to destabilize nations).

The US sanctioned them without a just cause.

The US is Israel's and Saudi Arabia's number 1 ally.

    Besides what already been said about overthrowing their government, trying to steal their oil and arming Saddam's army who killed a million Iranians.

We also have the dubious honour of:

Shooting one of their airlines out of the sky
Supporting Mossad in assassinating their nuclear scientists.
Freezing 100s of billion dollars of their assets
Reneging on a deal because Israel is butt hurt about it.

    It's death to America and death to Israel, not death to Americans and death to Jews. Iran has an accepted Jewish minority who are permitted to practice as they please and since Rouhani's inaugereration they don't have to follow Islamic holidays and instead get to follow Jewish ones instead. Their synagogues are open to the public with no military cordons in between. Compare that to how tight security is in say Egypt for Christian churches.

They hate Americas warmongering politicians and the Israeli Zionist ideology, not individual Jews and Americans.

    There's a lot wrong with the early part.

Iranian oil was entirely British, the US and Britain agreed to keep their spheres of influence separate. The British extracted Iranian oil through the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), while the Americans extracted Saudi Oil through the Arabiab-American Company (ARAMCO).

In 1950, King Ibn Saud threatened to nationalize ARAMCO unless the Americans gave him a better deal, which they did. ARAMCO agreed to a 50/50 cut of the oil profits as well as Saudi accountants. Mossadegh saw this and wanted the same deal from APOC, which was then offering Iran 18% of the nominal profits and did not allow Iranian auditors.

After negotiations broke down, Iran nationalized AIOC, and the British tried to get American help in overthrowing him. Ike first told Churchill to fuck off, and stated that Britain got into this mess because they were too stubborn to negotiate. Churchill then worked with the Dulles brothers to present Ike with the picture that Mossadegh was bribing Iran into the Soviet sphere of influence, which caused Ike to give the green light on overthrowing Mossadegh.

HeadAssClown is the mastermind behind the Brood Of Clowns circus. He created BOC as an alternative for people who aren't douche bags and dislike the typical stupid trash culture. In his free time, he enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and asian pornography. He has had sex with over 300 women and at least 50 snakes.

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