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Video: Born Soldiers, As Natural to Man I

Jan 20, 2018 8:41 pm
LucasWhite By LucasWhite
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I hope that all believers in masculinity and militarism will enjoy this music video series. Here is the first release, Born Soldiers.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own these songs nor have I contributed in any way. I am using these songs under the license CC (Creative Commons) Attribution 4.0 International.
License [FMA]:

*Track for Music Video*
Song: There is Nothing to Fear
Artist: Novelty Citizen

Give Novelty Citizen your support :

*Track for Production Intro*
Song: Stars path
Artist: To Eris
From Album: Escape

Give To Eris your support :


Lucas White is the man behind the scenes. Also find him at, an image-based encyclopedia project focusing on military and political history.

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