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Top 10 Games of Lakers' Shaq-Kobe 3-Peat

Apr 05, 2013 6:31 pm
HeadAssClown By HeadAssClown
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The road from the Lakers turmoil-filled 1998-1999 season to their 2000-02 Three-peat of NBA Championships was thrilling to say the least. Los Angeles always seemed to make the right plays at the right time. Shaq, Kobe, and Horry cemented their claims as three of the best NBA Playoff performers of all-time, and Fox and Fisher showed flashes of brilliance while always giving the Lakers solid play.

Here are HeadAssClown's Top 10 Games of the Lakers three-peat....

10. Lakers vs. Blazers, 2002 First Round Game 3 - The Lakers, down by 5 with less than 40 seconds left in the game, began the comeback with a Kobe Bryant three-pointer. After two Pippen missed free throws left the lead at 2 points, the Lakers called a time-out and set up a play for Kobe. When Pippen helped out as Kobe drove to the goal, Kobe passed to the corner where Robert "Big Shot Rob" Horry hit the game-winning three - eliminating Portland from the 2002 Playoffs.

9. Lakers vs. Spurs, 2001 Second Round Game 3 - Returning home to LA with a 2-0 lead, the Lakers put on a clinic in their first home game of the series. Kobe scored 36 points as the Lakers won 111-72. This game was the gem of the Lakers' record-breaking 15-1 2001 Playoff run.

8. Lakers vs. Nets, 2002 NBA Finals Game 4 - Finals MVP Shaquille O'Neal led the Lakers with 34 points and 10 rebounds in the deciding game of the 2002 NBA Finals. This game would rank higher, but this series was over way before game 4 tipped off.

7. Lakers vs. Pacers, 2000 NBA Finals Game 4 - After Shaq fouled out, Kobe scored 8 points in overtime to lead the team to a victory in Indiana. This crucial game gave the Lakers a 3-1 lead in the 2000 NBA Finals.

6. Lakers vs. Kings, 2000 First Round Game 5 - The Kings used an illegal zone to bring this first round series to a deciding game 5. The Lakers ended the Kings upset bid quickly in this 27-point win. Thousands of fans watching on a big screen at Arco left early in the second half of this blowout.

5. Lakers vs. Sixers, 2001 NBA Finals Game 5 - The Lakers won their third straight game in Philadelphia, despite the rabid Phili fans trying to keep their team alive. Shaq led with 29 points in the Lakers' 108-96 win which clinched their 2nd NBA Championship of the three-peat.

4. Lakers vs. Kings, 2002 Western Conference Finals Game 4 - The Lakers entered game 4 down 2-1. They fell behind early, down 40-20 after 1 quarter and 48-24 at one point. The "non-Shaq" Laker players opened the game shooting 4-23, led by Devean George's 1-7 and 5 missed layups. Phil Jackson called the first quarter "really stupid basketball" in an inter-quarter huddle.

After Shaq was given 3 cheap fouls, Kobe helped close the gap in the 2nd quarter by scoring 9 straight points. The Lakers continued to chip away but were set back by some unfortunate calls, including a potential 3-point play from Horry that was ruled a charging foul when it was obviously a block on Vlade Divac (5:39, 3rd quarter). Horry would get his revenge in the 4th quarter, first with a crucial three-pointer with 1:40 remaining in the game to cut the lead to 3. With less than 1 minute remaing, Vlade Divac hit 1 of 2 free throws to give the Kings a 97-99 lead. The Lakers then set up a final play which was to be one of the greatest in LA history.

Kobe drove to the basket and missed a tough chance at a 2. Shaq rebounded and missed the put-back. Divac then tipped the ball towards the 3-point line where Horry was waiting. "Big Shot Rob" hit the straight-on three pointer as time expired to give the Lakers a 100-99 victory and save the series.

3. Lakers vs. Pacers, 2000 NBA Finals Game 6 - After being blown out in game 5, the Lakers clinched their first NBA Championship since 1988 with the victory in LA. Shaq hoisted the NBA Finals MVP trophy and NBA Championship trophy as the crowd chanted his name. Certainly, this was one of the greatest moments and games in Laker history.

2. Lakers vs. Kings, 2002 Western Conference Finals Game 7 - The Lakers trailed by 9 points in the third quarter of this game but were led back by Shaq (35 pts, 51 minutes) and Kobe (30 pts, 52 minutes). The Kings killed themselves by shooting 2-20 from three point range and 16-30 from the free throw line. In the end, the Lakers emerged in overtime 112-106, becoming the first Laker team to win a game 7 away from LA.

1. Lakers vs. Blazers, 2000 Western Conference Finals Game 7 - The Blazers led the Lakers 75-60 in the fourth quarter of this destiny-altering game. The Lakers answered with a 15-0 run to tie the game at 75. Brian Shaw hit 3 three-pointers in the 4th quarter, and Shaq reasserted himself as the best player in the league down the stretch. Portland''s backs were broken when Shaq slammed the alley-oop from Kobe Bryant with less than a minute remaining to give LA a 6 point lead. The Lakers held on to win the deciding game 7.

HeadAssClown is the mastermind behind the Brood Of Clowns circus. He created BOC as an alternative for people who aren't douche bags and dislike the typical stupid trash culture. In his free time, he enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and asian pornography. He has had sex with over 300 women and at least 50 snakes.

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