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Savages, An Ode to Thankfulness

Nov 19, 2017 8:06 am
LucasWhite By LucasWhite
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Happy Thanksgiving to all the right-wingers out there. To celebrate, I thought that I would post this "savage" poem and meme that I made around this time last year.

An ode to thankfulness, that savages no longer terrorize our nations.

Before we made this land English and right,
There were savages, always on the fight.
Apache, Sioux, Creek, and Blackfeet,
wouldst tarry and steal, both women and buffalo meat.

These objects are ours, the Englishman didth protest,
and took them at his own behest.
To the west, no, to the reservation,
this Savage culture, it doth need no preservation.

We worship what is true, not abiding the pagan way,
"um, I worship, um fire", a savage didst say,
which is frankly why we wagoned him down the Trail of Tears,
for on Thanksgiving, we don't need Indians, just our Beers.

But then the liberals made the Dances with Wolves flick,
and we gave them casinos, thanks Costner you little prick!
Now they're 2nd on our pity list, right below the Jew,
at least those of us with good humor, can still laugh at Chief Wahoo!

Lucas White is the man behind the scenes. Also find him at, an image-based encyclopedia project focusing on military and political history.

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Posted by Smutty Nov 19, 2017
10:36:19 am
Damn straight...Indians had been killing and stealing for hundreds of years. The Europeans were just better than them at their own game. The Indians still plague us now, politically mainly. I myself fired toward a solution in episode 3 of Clowntable Discussion, titled Chief Crying Victim.

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