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Political PIMPS Among Wimps - BOC Special Feature

Jun 29, 2013 3:45 pm
HeadAssClown By HeadAssClown
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HeadAssClown commissioned this Political PIMPS Among Wimps gallery. It features four "politicians" who did it their own way, despite the many generic counterparts in their time and age. In other words, these men did not follow the planogram as was urged by the boring cunts around them. Some of their greatest achievements are included.

HeadAssClown would like to say that it is not that any of these four guys should be the baseline of your moral philosophy, but there are/were certain aspects of their personalities and characters that are/were superior to all others. In some ways, they should be imitated.

It is funny that most people looking at this will probably be most shocked by us featuring Gaddafi (or maybe even Putin), but Napoleon was easily the most immoral of these four in my opinion. Perhaps "history will absolve" Gaddafi as well, although probably not so much Fidel Castro who is famous for that line.

HeadAssClown Under Fire Art by PATotkaca

HeadAssClown is the mastermind behind the Brood Of Clowns circus. He created BOC as an alternative for people who aren't douche bags and dislike the typical stupid trash culture. In his free time, he enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and asian pornography. He has had sex with over 300 women and at least 50 snakes.

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