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Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry?

Jan 09, 2018 6:16 pm
Smutty By Smutty
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In one corner, you have Ninja Gaiden, a champ in the industry since the late 80s. The series began in the arcades and then was ported to the NES.

Fighting out of the other corner, you have Devil May Cry. He got his start in the PlayStation 2 era — 2001 to be exact. Now he has spawned to PS3, PS4, and the Xbox systems.

Who will win this epic clash? Let's go to 4chan's /v/ board for the decision, and for some more ramblings...

    Actually Devil May Cry 1 and Ninja Gaiden are very similar in the fact that their combat focuses on brutal efficiency. DMC3 and DMC4 are about spectacle, which is why the enemy design is usually shit but the boss design is good.

    Just finished Ninja Gaiden 2 on MN a couple of days ago. Landing that OT on the final boss felt amazing, the afterflow is still there. Such a wonderful game.

    assuming we're only counting the 3D games

Devil May Cry has 3 good games
Ninja Gaiden has 1.

Devil May Cry is better.

    DMC has 2 great games and 1 okay game. The rest are bad.
NG has 2 great games and 1 meh game that needed to be fixed by a re-release.

So yeah going by this we could say DMC is the better franchise but it isn't by much. If you're going to go this route than I would say GOW has them both beat because all of its games are at least good even if none reach the height of greatness of the other two. The only bad GOW will be the reboot that is coming out.

    If you want to play Ninja Gaiden, there's a couple of things to keep in mind.

There is no reason not to hold block at any point in the battle. Block is incredible in Ninja Gaiden. A lot of attacks that look like they can't be block will be blocked. Blocking is also easier than dashing through damage, since dashing requires precise timing.

If you find yourself getting stuck to walls after jumping, use you shurikens. Ryu won't touch the walls after throwing the shurikens.

Lunar is probably the most overpowered weapon in the game. Its 360 charge is amazing, feel free to abuse it to make your life easier.

You can cancel out of a lot of moves with shurikens. Shurikens are the key to free form combos (easy example with the dragon sword: XYXX > shurikens > 360Y).

Guillotine Throw is something you will want to use a lot to avoid damage. It has a lot of i-frames, and it starts almost immediately.

    I'm going to be crucified and enemy surfed with for even daring to mention it in this thread, but this is why I like Bayonetta best. You still need to learn the combat and how to utilize the game's systems to effectively fight enemies like Gracious and Glorious and Joys, and so forth, but there's still plenty of time for fucking around and having fun with the basic angel enemies when you're fighting them. On that level I think it has a polish that none of the DMC or NG games comes close to, but that's just me.

I like them all a lot btw.

    Not him but as someone who has 2000+ hours in DMC3 and 100 in DMC4 I can already tell you DMC4's enemies are better in terms of how challenging they are to fight and how much moves they have to use against you.

For one thing they can actually hit you in the air. Most of them have moves specifically targeted towards jumping characters which is better than DMC3 where maybe 6 or 7 enemies out of the full cast were even capable of hitting you once you jumped on most difficulties. Moving to DMD added Lustercut which adds one more, woohoo.

Their movesets are much more complex and they're much faster at executing them. A lot of enemies in DMC3 telegraph their attacks ridiculously far in advance, hell a lot of attacks get telegraphed in both sound and animation literally seconds in advance to the actual move, they're slow and predictable. Beyond just the telegraphing, most enemies in DMC3 have exactly 2 or 3 attacks they can even do. DMC3's standard enemies generally exist to be punching bags to style all over. DMC4's enemies have loads of moves, they telegraph much shorter, and the attacks themselves are faster and more dangerous.

Of course it's not 100%, the bosses in DMC4 aside from Dante (bullshit input reading faggot) and Credo (actually amazing) are all fucking pathetic retards compared to the DMC3 bosses. And while DMC4's enemies have more complex movesets and AI that doesn't necessarily mean fighting them is more enjoyable, too many enemies in DMC4 have some sort of gimmicky condition before comboing them is possible, both that and the game overuses super armor on enemies as well.

    DMC4 had better enemies than DMC3 but they still weren't as good as DMC1. And DMC4 pretty much ripped enemy designs straight from DMC1.

Assaults = Blades
Blitz = Shadow
Frosts = Frosts

Angelos were Nobody tier, and all the monsters created by the scientist boss were absolutely terriible.

    [Ninja Gaiden Kasumi's] entire character is just a big fucking problem, Itagaki waifu'd her too hard.

She's one of those annoying squeaky voiced I-I'M SORRY! after winning generic innocent fighting game girls, yet her motivation is to go on a revenge murder spree and she grew up in the Hayabusa village, a place so fucking ruthless their training consists of making legitimate attempts to assassinate Ryu to make sure he's strong enough.

Smutty is the author of the best-selling book, 100 Things To Do That Are More Fun Than Sticking Your Dick into a Cigarette Lighter. Abandoned by his mother days after hatching, he has a life goal of making the world feel his pain. Hates faggy sports leagues like the NBA and NFL, likes to bitch-slap liberals, and generally disapproves of feminists and other degenerate bitches.

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