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Kurai Review: Soul Eater Anime

Oct 08, 2013 3:56 am
KuraiSciwrath By KuraiSciwrath
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Soul Eater is a Japanese manga and anime which was originally created by Atsushi Ōkubo. This miraculous piece of work was first released in Japan, on T.V., from April 2008 to March 2009. But of course this was the 50 episode set. The anime is set in 'Death City' (which is supposed to be a spin-off of Sin-City located in the U.S., Nevada, which is Las Vegas.) and is led by none other than Shinigami-Sama (Lord Death) himself! It takes place mostly in the DWMA (Death Weapon Meisters Academy) where the teachers teach the students to hunt evil souls.

The series follows a set of main characters, including Soul, Maka, Black-Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Patti, Lord Death, Spirit, Doctor Stein, Crona and Ragnarok, and Death-The-Kid (lord deaths son). The main antagonist could be considered the Kishin, which is a being that Lord Death had captured in order to protect the world from its plague of madness. Though some would argue that it would be Medusa (named after the Greek myth creature who would turn all that laid eyes upon her, to stone) the witch.

Every witch in the series seems to have their very own animal type magic that they are associated with. Medusa, for what seems to be ironic purposes, happens to have snakes. Erica, another witch, uses frogs and tadpoles. Arachnophobia, yet another witch, uses spiders. Every witch in the series is special in their own way, and there are more than these mentioned witches in the series. There is a side character which is introduced in season 1, named Blair. This character seems to be a little tricky to put a label on. As, at first, she seems to be a witch. Having all of the stereotypical witch outfit characteristics, even the hat. But later, she is introduced simply as a cat with an incredible amount of magical power. This is not a very important character, but as you will learn if you watch the series, it seems to be a fan-service character that is very much worth the time mentioning in this article.

Now, deterring from the character explanation, I shall return to the explanation of the anime itself. Every character, other than the witches, is either a Meister, or a weapon. The meisters are, Maka, Black-Star, Death-The-Kid, Doctor Stein, Crona, and Lord Death. The main weapons are Soul, Tsubaki, Liz, Patti, Ragnarok and Spirit. The weapons and meisters are set up in teams; these teams were designated by the compatibility of the characters soul-wavelengths.

The teams are set up as follows in this list:

-Death-The-Kid, Liz and Patty. (Death-The-Kid wields both of these weapons simultaneously)

-Maka and Soul

-Lord Death and Spirit (though Lord Death uses many weapons which have reached the rank of Death Scythe)

-Black-Star and Tsubaki

-Crona and Ragnarok

-Doctor Stein and Spirit (Doctor Stein however has a very flexible soul-wavelength and can easily adjust his to meet the requirements to wield many different weapon types)

Now that we know the teams, how about we go into character bios? Here, I shall introduce a multitude of the protagonist characters backgrounds.

Maka is a very strong meister and is the first meister to appear in the series. She is very young, but her soul-wavelength, when amplified, is incredibly powerful! She has a very assertive personality and practically always speaks her mind. Her mother is not introduced directly in the series, but through all of the ways that people say she reminds them of her mother, her mother must have also been an incredible meister as well. Her father is Spirit, a Death Scythe (see his bio area for details.)

Black-Star is a cocky individual whose goal is to surpass god one day. He also has a very strong wavelength, he primarily takes a lead role in all things and despises when others attempt to take the spot-light away from him. He's a very hard worker when it comes down to it, and will never shy away from a fight, no matter how impossible the fight may seem. His determination and leadership pushes his friends to their limits, which changes the outcome of fights from impossible, to easily won.

Death-The-Kid is Lord Deaths son and, as such, has an incredible amount of power. He has an odd obsession with symmetry. If something is not symmetrical he goes into a fit and cannot continue on without correcting the situation. And if it's the enemy that's not symmetrical... Well, let’s just say that fit turns into a rage of mass destruction.

-Doctor Stein
Doctor Stein is a teacher at the Death Weapons Meister Academy and is quite goofy in nature. Though, because of his past and his personality, he is very susceptible to the Kishins spread of madness. Regardless of his goofiness, he is a person of incredible knowledge, and has a love for science. Regardless of how perverse and invasive the science may seem.

-Lord Death
Lord Death is the leader of the DWMA, and is as goofy as he is scary! His silly attitude is a huge lift for the spirits of the students who attend the DWMA. No matter how bleak a situation looks, it's rare that you will hear him speak a single word regarding how impossible the situation may seem. Though, don't take his goofiness as a sign of weakness. When he is engaged in a combat situation, he is a fearsome opponent and can definitely wreak havoc upon his foe.

Crona is the son of Medusa the witch. Crona was combined with Ragnarok (see Ragnaroks bio for more details) at a very young age and is a very shy and scared child. He is often used by his mother to do evil deeds and spy on the people at the DWMA. His blood is black because of his combination with Ragnarok, and he is able to use this very blood as a weapon to defeat his opponents.

Sprit is Maka's father, a weapon that has reached the role of Death Scythe. Spirit is a bit of a player, which is why Maka's mother had left him. He loves his daughter with all of his heart and wants her to love him as well. He is often a customer at the local club, "The Chuba-Cabra".

Tsubaki is a weapon that is able to change forms! She has a multitude of forms ranging from a Throwing-Star, to a Smoke-Bomb, even an Enchanted Sword! She is very kind, somewhat motherly, and is able to compromise quite easily.

Liz is one of the Thompson sisters, and is able to transform into a Pistol and shoot fragments of the meisters wavelength at the enemy. Though she is the older sister, she is very cowardly and is creeped out quite easily.

Patty is the other Thompson sister and does the same thing as Liz in her weapon form. Though, she is not easily frightened because she is very childlike. When something scary DOES appear, she has a tendency to pick out all of the 'cute' features of the creature.

Soul is a Scythe weapon and is the 'to cool for school' kind of individual. He believes that he's so cool that nothing should faze him, which is why he is able to keep calm in the eyes of a dire situation. He keeps everyone focused in the midst of battle, and would die to protect his meister, Maka.

Ragnarok is Crona's weapon and is sort of a bully. He pushes Crona into situations even if it's against Crona's better judgment. Ragnarok is known as 'The Demon Sword' and is extremely powerful. He plays a big part in the manipulation of Crona.

Now that we have a bit of the information of the characters, let us continue with the purpose of the characters. Each team is supposed to go out and collect 99 Evil Souls and 1 witch soul. This will allow a weapon to reach the form of Death-Scythe and become incredulously more powerful. These death weapons will then be used by death himself to battle the forces of evil should they arise. The biggest part of the death scythe's job is to make sure another Kishin won't arise. So they defeat evil that is close to this outcome. Now that you have an introduction to Soul-Eater and its characters, go and take a look at the anime itself!

Kurai Sciwrath is the newest member of the Brood of Clowns. His favorite books include Soul Eater, Lightheart Traditions, The House Across the Street, The Boy Who Couldn't Die, The Man Without an Eye, and A Broken Heart is a Life Story. You can visit him at

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