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Kurai Review: Diablo III

Oct 08, 2013 4:15 am
KuraiSciwrath By KuraiSciwrath
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Diablo III is a game created by Blizzard, the same people who made the popular World of Warcraft massive multiplayer online. It is set in a world called Sanctuary, which is practically earth just named differently. The story is about your character, the hero, trying to find and destroy the last demons of sin to arise in Sanctuary. Belial and Azmodan are the last evils present, since in the last games the rest were destroyed. Once you get the game you, of course, must select a character. The classes available are as follows:

The Barbarian primary skill: Strength
The Barbarian is the front line unit in the game and is as good as taking hits almost as much as he is as good at dealing them. He does extremely high amounts of damage with his melee attacks. He can wield either two melee weapons, or a single large weapon, and even a single melee weapon and a shield. Making him the major unit to be smashing skulls.

The Wizard primary skill: intelligence
From shocking enemies with lightning, to turning their skin to diamonds, the wizard is a power not to be trifled with. Able to wield their channeling wand in one hand, and magic amplifying crystal orbs in the other, this character is hell bent on melting, freezing, and zapping their way through the zombie and demon hordes! They also have very awesome hats.

-Demon Hunter
The Demon Hunter primary skill: Dexterity
The Demon Hunter swore their life to defeating the demons of the world after all that they loved was taken from them. They use stealth tactics and deceitful movements to defeat the enemy. Using their bow, or crossbow, to attack and kill the enemy before the enemy even understands what was coming their way.

The Monk primary skill: Dexterity
The monk wants all peace and tranquility to run throughout sanctuary... Even if they must spill a hundred gallons of demon blood to get there! They like to use brass-knuckle type weapons and punch their enemies multiple times, before dodging out of the enemy’s path and getting prepared for another strike. They use faith as a shield and use the power of light to keep them healthy.

-Witch Doctor
The Witch Doctor primary skill: intelligence
The Witch Doctor presides over everything life and death. Able to summon the dead spirits to help him through a struggle. Or to bring to life the elements to destroy his foes, either way, the Witch Doctor is a force to be reckoned with. They may seem goofy in their huge masks, but believe me, when they look at you, run.

Now that the characters are introduced, you select one and begin your journey. It gives a small prelude, telling you about your character and why they are in the predicament they are. Then you find yourself in New Tristram, looking for a falling star. (To shy away from spoilers I will deter from telling you what the falling star is, and why it is important.) Your character then takes it upon them to save New Tristram from the horde of zombies that the Falling Star had made arise. This phenomenon is the same that allowed the Skeleton King to come alive once more. Leading his skeletal army, he tries to break free of his underground chamber and take over the land of the living. However, it is all for naught, as you, the hero, are there to put his tyranny to an end. Once the fight with the skeleton king is complete, and the fallen star is secured, your character sets off with new companions in tow! A new destination awaits and your bands of friends are on their way to save more lives. The next area you are set in is controlled by the demon of lies, Belial. After a journey of trying to uncover the truth behind the area, you find yourself confronting the demon himself. At first, the fight is easy, as his minions are cut down by your blade and his small form is an easy target. Then, this lord of lies reveals the truth about him and becomes a huge demon that is hell bent on smashing your characters health away with its large fists! After a scene of dwindling its health down lower and lower, he crumbles, and is then trapped, with the other demons, within the Black Soul Stone. This is the vessel that holds all of the defeated evils, from Diablo, all the way to the newly captured deceiver, Belial. Azmodan, the final evil to capture. You ready your characters up with everything they will need for this final battle, then set out, armed and ready to defeat this opponent, after fighting through countless demon hoards, you find yourself ready to slash, bash and blast your way through this evil! You attack, you bring him down... But something isn't right about one of your new companions... You've been betrayed! And this companion releases Diablo from within the black soul stone. With the power of all the demons within it, Diablo becomes the 'prime evil'. And goes to Heaven to bring down all that is light! It is you who must stop it. You, and your friends, must save the heavens from the lords of hell.

After defeating the Prime evil, you will unlock further modes of play to challenge yourself more with stronger hoards of enemies, and even stronger bosses. More loot types, and much, much more. This is definitely a Role-Playing Game, worthy of song.

Kurai Sciwrath is the newest member of the Brood of Clowns. His favorite books include Soul Eater, Lightheart Traditions, The House Across the Street, The Boy Who Couldn't Die, The Man Without an Eye, and A Broken Heart is a Life Story. You can visit him at

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