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Kurai Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Multiplayer)

Nov 23, 2013 3:12 pm
KuraiSciwrath By KuraiSciwrath
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The multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has got to be one of the most intense experiences for a videogame that I have ever had. With realistic gun sounds and damage ratios, this game is definitely something that all First-Person-Shooter players should love. Its maps are incredible when it comes to variety, be it close quarters maps such as Dome; or more of a ranged map like Bakaara. The multiplayer has maps to suit each type of way a player likes to play. Do you like to go gung-ho with two pistols around the map? You’ll likely have fun in Bootleg! If you like sniping from afar, Bakaara is the map for you. Now, don’t take what I say as law, so long as you’re good with the weapon you’re using, I’m sure you could utilize any map to suite your weapon.

Gamers play this game with a huge variation of strategy, because of the huge variation of ways a player could utilize the “create-a-class” system. To those of you who are not familiar with Call of Duty, then I will explain what the “create-a-class” system is. Using this system allows you to make adjustments to your own customized classes. You can switch your primary, secondary, lethal grenade, tactical grenade, three types of perks, your kill-streak rewards and your death-streak.

There are three different types of Kill-Streak reward sets, Support, Assault, and Specialist. The support kill-streak does not reset after you die, and provides your entire team with support. This includes UAV’s (which sends out a pulse and shows the locations of enemies on a radar), Ballistic Vests, which allow you and your team to pick them up and use them to take a few extra hits. Then the Assault strike package, which does reset when you die, but allows you to punish enemies with missiles, helicopters and more! Then there comes the specialist, this kill streak allows you to unlock more and more perks as you get kills. It does reset when you die, but if you collect all of your perks and continue getting kills, you get a specialist bonus. The specialist bonus gives you bonus experience per kill, and gives you EVERY perk.

As you play the game, eventually you will hit the maximum level that you can achieve; this will allow you to open up the “prestige mode”. The prestige mode resets everything except the titles and emblems you have collected thus far. It also sets your level back to level one. However, this also gives you a token to use in the “prestige shop”. This token will allow you to purchase a nice little array of things, be it a new title and emblem, or to permanently unlock a gun or perk to use throughout all of your prestiges, to even a completely new “create-a-class” slot!

But don’t just take my word for it, individuals from the X-box live community said things like “Modern Warfare 3 is easily one of the best Call Of Duty games made, however, because of the release of Black Ops 2, the amount of modders that have appeared have increased, and have been getting away with it,” (Almigh7y Zeus) “It’s a fantastic way to pass time!” (dr awesome 9). Even people who are casual gamers love the game! Here are some more things people say about the game, “It’s simply awesome,” (Evil Kitten Un1), “It is excellent, is has good graphics, gravity is great and all gun level ups are mapped out very well. The prestige level is neither to low, nor too high,” (baxxtab). As you can see, many Xbox Live members have their opinions!

Now, as you can see, this Call Of Duty game has plenty of good points. But it also has some bad ones; I’m going to give you some reviews of people whose opinions of the game aren’t there to tell the games good parts. “Grenades suck! Grenade LAUNCHERS even suck! You will only get hit markers from them, only time you’ll really get a kill with one is if it blows up a barrel, and you get lucky,” (DAT NEW KID 420) “The Modern Warfare 3 scoreboard doesn’t display Kill/Death ratios, and is too simple,” (Xtravic). Those are the only things that I have collected that were bad about Modern Warfare 3.

I do hope that you enjoyed this article. I am going to be continuing to write about video games, anime, and books. If you did enjoy this article, I do hope that you will look forward to the article for the upcoming game Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Thank you to everyone who sent me their opinions on the game, and I hope you guys have a good time gaming. And thank you for posting my articles!

Kurai Sciwrath is the newest member of the Brood of Clowns. His favorite books include Soul Eater, Lightheart Traditions, The House Across the Street, The Boy Who Couldn't Die, The Man Without an Eye, and A Broken Heart is a Life Story. You can visit him at

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