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'Fleccas Talks' Humiliates Leftist Actresses with Fake PSA Shoot

Jul 02, 2018 3:53 pm
HeadAssClown By HeadAssClown
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Fleccas Talks has been tearing up YouTube lately. The channel's founder, Austen Fletcher, often humiliates liberals by simply letting them speak their mind. He goes to various protests and lets the penis-hat-wearing or pro-baby-murder types share their views on how the world should work.

However one of his best videos took a different angle, as he tricked the left into "talking some sense" for a change. On May 6, 2018, "Actors Cold Read Facts on FEMINISM Off of a Teleprompter" was released. It currently has 781k views and 36k likes.

Some of Fletcher's friends welcome actresses to read facts from a teleprompter, in front of a white screen, for what they thought was going to be another cheesy feminist PSA. Expecting "99% of what women say is true" and "Video games lead to rape", they are instead prompted to read cold-hard facts that go against the feminist narrative. Their shocked expressions are caught on film, and then played in succession in parodical style.

    Did you know, the wage gap statistic that a woman earns 77 cents to every dollar a man makes comes from comparing the average earnings of all men and all women working full-time. It does not account for differences in occupation, position, education, job tenure, or hours worked per week. When such relevant factors are considered the wage gap narrows to the point of vanishing.

The average man spends 14% more time at work. He's 9 times more likely to die there. Men choose the highest paid specialties. 4 of the 5 highest paid college majors are filled with more men than women. 4 of the 5 lowest paid college majors are filled with the majority of women. Childless women age 22 to 30 out-earn young childless men by 8%. Among workers who have never been married and never had children, women earn 117% of what men do. 76% of suicides are men. 70% of homicide victims are men. 85% of homeless are men. The majority of victims of violent crime are men. Men on average serve 64% longer prison sentences than women for comparable crimes. Men on average are 3.4 times more likely than women to be imprisoned when committed for the same crime. Women commit more than twice as much unprovoked domestic violence against men than men commit against women.

Here are some screenshots of the shocked actresses as they learn that their victimhood is based on lies...

The bitch above, not liking the facts, objects — "I thought this was like a feminist bit. Is this the point of this really?"

HeadAssClown is the mastermind behind the Brood Of Clowns circus. He created BOC as an alternative for people who aren't douche bags and dislike the typical stupid trash culture. In his free time, he enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and asian pornography. He has had sex with over 300 women and at least 50 snakes.

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Posted by ginroots Aug 05, 2018
02:24:55 pm
BTFO feminazis
Posted by Danbreze Jul 27, 2018
04:57:28 pm
the blonde girl looks like she snorts crack

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