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Fat, Tuneless Feminist from Israel Given 2018 Eurovision Win

May 12, 2018 5:50 pm
Smutty By Smutty
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Hey Smutty has a story for you tonight that will turn your stomach...if the picture of this bitch has not made you throw up already.

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest featured competitors from 42 countries, but in the end, the judges went with a fat feminist whore from Israel named Netta Barzilai.

After accepting, the cunt said “I’m so happy, thanks for choosing difference, thank you for celebrating diversity.”

Her song was named "Toy" and clearly contained hateful lyrics toward men. Let us see what the goys on 4chan's /pol/ board think of her:

    This DISGUSTING filthy kike, untalented pig, has just robbed the Eurovision contest and then praised (((diversity))) while shouting horribly, which annoyed and angered million of Europeans.

    I refuse to believe this was not rigged. That was objectively the worst song in the entire contest this year

And after winning instead of celebrating she started spewing the same old degenerate propaganda...

    Shes fat, pro body positivity, sings a feminist song.
Israeli liberals engineered her to win the eurovision.

    >Feminist sjw obese whore with a terrible song about women not being the property of men
>somehow wins despite literally everyone on social media hating onh her
>Eurovision 2019 will be in Jerusalem
>American embassy will open in Jerusalem in 2019
>There will be an attack blamed on Palestine and Iran which will kill people from many different nation which will make all of them hate Palestine and Iran
>John Bolton wants war with Iran and an attack during Eurovision is the perfect excuse
>Next year Palestine will cease to exist and the Israeli-Iran war begins

Eurovision was rigged, there is no way in hell all of this just so happens to coincide perfectly.
>inb4 shills start saying (((pure coincidence)))

    The worst thing is it was BOTH a ear-numbingly bad song AND #metoo bullshit

    The whole voting system is extremely non transparent and the 2016 winner was so suspicious that there has to be fire where there is smoke...

    Norwegian commentator mentioned she was bullied while growing up
Obviously why the kike's a hamplanet now

I wonder when "taking back" the negative became empowering
It's like the gays "taking back" 'queer' and 'faggot', and fatlogic SJWs sprouting pro-obesity propaganda

    It was rigged. If you check the semi final 1 results, Israel was only 4th in televote, now today they're suddenly first.

    >mfw racists completely spazz out
I'm racist and I voted for her. The only way to get the hambeast of the continent.
Added bonus: Jerusalem will be invaded by gays.
I know this was cruel, but it's the only way. The jews will have to eat their own medicine.

    >Wonder Woman don't you ever forget
>You're divine and he's about to regret
>He's a bucka-mhm-buckbuckbuck-mhm boy
>I'm not your bucka-mhm-buck-mhm-buck-mhm

>I'll take you down now, I'll make you watch me

>(Cululoo, cululoo) Wedding bells ringing
>(Cululoo, cululoo) Money men bling-bling
>I don’t care about your stefa, baby

In real order

>He's a bucka-mhm-buckbuckbuck-mhm boy
>Wedding bells ringing
>Money men bling-bling
>he's about to regret

Netta on the song

>What does the song mean?
>"The song has an important message — the awakening of female power and social justice, wrapped in a colorful, happy vibe."
>"I think the song is #MeToo, but it’s an empowerment song for everybody, and everybody can find themselves in it."

Heres your female empowerement 101
>find a rich guy
>fuck him, get married
>get divorced, make him regret

    the mainstream everywhere is full of fat acceptance stories, feminist nonsense and me too bullshit. the fact that a morbidly obese sjw won eurovision should not be surprising in the slightest.

    Is anyone surprised? They've been shilling this ogre across the (((BBC))) for days, I honestly thought she was the UK entry at first.

I bet its the same in most other countries too.

    That was legitimately horrible. She's imitating a chicken for some reason half the song.

    >Be degenerate landwhale
>Cluck like a chicken on stage
>Win Eurovision 2018
The absolute state of modern ''music''.

    Was I the only one suspecting she would win after passing the first round? I knew a song as horrible as this wouldn't even have passed the first round, they had a plan with it from the start.

    Yesterday eurovision, tomorrow is 70th anniversary of Israel. They really want world's sympathy to invade and destroy Iran and Syria. This is rigged of course.

From a few days earlier:

Reaction from Partisangirl:

Smutty is the author of the best-selling book, 100 Things To Do That Are More Fun Than Sticking Your Dick into a Cigarette Lighter. Abandoned by his mother days after hatching, he has a life goal of making the world feel his pain. Hates faggy sports leagues like the NBA and NFL, likes to bitch-slap liberals, and generally disapproves of feminists and other degenerate bitches.

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Posted by HeadAssClown May 13, 2018
04:31:40 pm
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted to congratulate her. He was trying to say, "Netta, you are a real darling." However because of an automated translation era, the words were posted as "Netta, you are a real cow."

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