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Clowntable Discussion: Unemployed White Helmets Take to the Streets

Jul 26, 2018 3:45 pm
ProfessorWinston By ProfessorWinston
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Last weekend (July 21-22, 2018), Israel evacuated over 400 White Helmets and affiliates from Southwestern Syria. The proported rescue organization has been linked to countless instances of false propaganda and disinformation against the Syrian nation which they illegally entered. They now fear retribution from the government, as Bashar al-Assad's forces are retaking their homeland from the foreign invaders.

With the Syrian War hopefully near its end, and Assad on the verge of a complete and glorious victory, the young invaders will likely have to put away their white helmets and get real jobs. Today we present this dilemma to our expert panel for their expert analysis...

Gentlemen, as you know, the White Helmet rats are fleeing their sinking ship of revolution in Syria. Israel and their lapdog nations will have to provide for their veterans of propaganda. How should they accomplish this?

Hmm, not a bad question Professor. Let us start by eliminating the positions that ex-White Helmets could not fill, and then we can back into the answer. Any job that requires honesty and decency is out. As a business owner, I couldn't have one of these goons keeping my financial books. They might pay another employee to participate in a concocted story about an on-the-job accident, charge me as if I was negligent and guilty, and then pocket their share of the proceeds.

Yeah that seems just like them! You also might find out one day that — while they are pretending to be working to help you — that they are really under the pay of a competitor!

Oh puh-lease! You would never know right off if a pernicious company was controlling them. It is not like your enemy would be dumb enough to outwardly acknowledge the work of their double agent, like by giving them awards and stuff. But let's just say, for the sake of argument, that one day you did catch a guy in the act. Do you really think that the other company is going to be stupid enough to publically defend him? Guilt by association honey!

Shayne, if you had paid attention in my introduction, that is exactly what Israel just did, with regards to their White Helmets.

Right, but Smutty doesn't think it is because Juden lacks iq. Nope, it's more like they lack shame!

With brainwashed leaders of foreign nations bowing down before their every political move, regardless of how many people die or how unjust it is, they do not have much reason to. Israel can act in the foreign arena as selfishly and murderously as they want, and there will always be morons like Nikki Haley and the US Government, who will favor them blindly.

But come on, the Issies just did a good thing. They saved the lives of a rescue unit. Tom, Dick, and Harry can now go home after splashing some humanitarian waves.

All Israel did was prevent some of their murderers from being brought to justice. They would have liked nothing more than for Syria's stable government to have been overthrown, and for the Christians to have been massacred, just as they were in Iraq in the wake of Hussein being deposed.

Smutty will add that any Christian who supported Israel in the Syrian War was either ignorant of the situation, or did not care about the lives of his brothers! Assad's Alawite regime has treated Christians royally, and the Assad dynasty has extended an olive branch to all of their fellow citizens — regardless of wealth, religion, or race. If the Sunni majority ever gets control over there, the Christians and Alawites better run for the hills! Or if the Americans have their way, the door will be opened for even worse, meaning a full-out Islamic terrorist state. These so-called "liberators" sacrificed many innocent lives on the altar of their political and financial goals, in their illegal operations in Iraq and Libya, and would not have cared a bit more about the Syrian child who would have been beheaded!

Yes, this is very true, Smutty. But what of the White Helmets? Are we not going to grant them a new occupation? Do not even scoundrels such as these deserve to have work so that they may eat?

Damn! I guess! But what can they do? Most jobs require that the worker have a bit of human value, and these guys are worthless for any good purpose.

Oh Smutty, honey, I could find some baaaad uses for these boys. I would put their helmets on the nightstand and let them rescue me all night long!

That's it! There have been homosexual overtones to almost every video, picture, and article that the White Helmets have ever posted. They even won an Oscar award for their faggy documentary. There must be a market for it out there.

Sorry I graduated from gay porn a long time ago. I gotta have the real thing, or preferably, the real things uh-la-la.

Well I don't know if even they would swoop that low. Most of them have families, right? I mean what would they think if—

Un momento clown leader...well speak of the devil, I just got a dm from one of my lgbt-ers who is on a guys trip to Jordan right now. Ohhhh! He says, "shayne xoxoxo bought 2 white helmets off street last nite. was cheap but hot time...staying gay in jordan!"

Oh dear, this is heartbreaking that the White Helmets had to resort to male prostitution so quickly.

I think it's fricken hilarious! They were always whores and the international Jew was pimping them hard.

Well I am at least glad that they found a job that they are suited for. Some men like Bashar al-Assad were meant to be noble winners to be honored, and others like the White Helmets were meant to be scrupleless losers to find their niche as bitches.

Siri, book me a flight to Jordan! I'm going to pay five White Helmets to stage an attack on my thirsty body, like the dirty homotarians that they are!

Professor Winston is a senior fellow at BOCU, an imaginary university that he invented when printing out his paper B.A. and Ph.D. degrees. His main focus is history, philosophy, economics, and trying to get the undergrad bitches to sleep with him or use his tail for sex acts.

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Posted by Kobert Jul 27, 2018
06:50:29 pm
Cheers mate

The WH are scum.
Posted by Danbreze Jul 27, 2018
04:56:06 pm
AHAHA! these guys are the biggest fuckups on planet earth. they could have been useful to their masters if they could have kept the secret but acted like total jackasses over there

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Clowntable Discussion: Unemployed White Helmets Take to the Streets
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