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Clowntable Discussion: #MeToo...or just #SheToo?

Jan 24, 2018 3:43 pm
ProfessorWinston By ProfessorWinston
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A topic which is constantly in the news cycle today is allegation of sexual offense. It seems that each successive claim was almost a response to the last one. How much can the accusers get away with before society draws the line?

Today we look at the fad and try to determine if it is morally viable.

Gentlemen, today we discuss the cultural phenomenom known as the #Metoo Movement. Would someone like to start by explaining exactly what it is?

Oh please allow me! The #MeToo Movement is an empowering way for women to tell everyone about the horrible rapes, sexual assaults, harassments, and sideways-looks violated upon them by that horrible group of society that we call straight men. It began in October 2017 on the Twittertown after male chauvinist pig Harvey Weinstein got what he deserved. So to all the ladies out there, if you've got a story that might rock a man's world...Details!

Shayne, that is a better description of your homo-feminist fantasy of what it is. #MeToo is a hashtag made famous recently by dried-up, has-been actresses, who want to have their pie now after already eating it. These ungrateful whores got the benefits of star roles and promotions by using their bodies to satisfy wealthy men in the entertainment industries. Now that the thespians are old, out-of-demand, and have nothing to lose, they are turning on the men who gave them their careers. An actress who lies or exaggerates about a sexual encounter can get her name back in the spotlight, satisfy the angst from her old-woman syndrome, and, in the end, get more money.

Smutty's description seems, by far, the most correct to me. I would also add that it is almost exclusively females attacking males. It might more accurately be called #SheToo. As in "she too" is an attention-craving, lying slut!

That is a strong opinion. HAC, I noticed that you said #MeToo was "almost" only women attacking men. Are you aware that on October 10, 2017, actor Terry Crews posted spelling-challenged tweets which accused a male movie executive of groping his genitals?

Yes Professor, but that Crews guy acts, talks, and thinks like a woman. It is almost another #SheToo incident. I think #MeToo would only be appropriate if the lynch mob would be just as willing to turn their quick justice on a woman, when she is accused of false witness by a man.

Right! It does not even take a day for everyone to have made up their minds that an accused man is guilty. First, some bitch posts a false accusation on her little social media account. Then the anti-male mainstream media picks up on it and, soon after, the corporation bows and fires the man who has given much of his life to their interests!

Hold it right there mister! Are you saying that all these accusations are false? I think it is obvious that there are some hyper-masculated predators in Hollywood who have pushed these women around, and, let me tell you something-something...their time is up!

No, I am not saying that at all, you fool. Of course, some of the accusations are true, and, after a sufficient search for and revelation of the truth, a man in some cases deserves to lose his job or be ostracized by his professional community. Hollywood is full of sleezes who would rape their neighbor's dog for enough money or fame. What I am saying is that, in general, there is a bias in the west that pressures us all to heed women's accusations, before they are proven and even if they are disproven. Another hashtag that I see a lot is #BelieveWomen. These feminine-obsessed nuts would ruin a man's life, for no other reason than because he is being accused by someone of their own gender!

Yes, this tendency in women has been observed for thousands of years. Does anyone want to offer any insight into why it is there?

The reason is that women are physically weaker so they sometimes try to make up for it with lies. It is a "if you support my lie, I will support your lie when you want me to" implied agreement among them.

Girls support girls! I have a pink t-shirt that says that. That is what this movement is all about!

Besides the fact that you are a man who likes to pose as a girl, another fact that you should get through your hairsprayed-head is that this is not a matter of girls helping other girls, at least not helping them in an ethical way. It is about hurting men. It is about ruining lives and careers for the purpose of personal gain.

But what about Al Franken? Glad that he resigned much?

Yes, I am glad that this shithead actor is no longer a senator. I am not glad if any bogus accusations brought against him were believed.

Yes, we want to remove our political enemies from their offices but to do so in an honorable way. You will not see us funding a "dossier" of pure lies, like the one that, perhaps not coincidentally, Hillary Clinton contributed to against Donald Trump.

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton broke the glass ceiling after all. She was the first Presidential candidate to have a jilted-woman moment in US Political history, when she helped fund this disgraceful document of falsehoods. It even alleged that Trump could be blackmailed because he had supposedly engaged in "perverted sexual acts" in Russia. When in a rut, it seems that many women of all walks of life decide to take the easiest most risk-free way to try to regain what they have lost. They simply pick out the most relevant successful man in their sphere, and accuse him of sexual misconduct. It does seem that such a movement would be more accurately titled #SheToo. If the "me" were a man who was truly wronged by a woman, he would need quite a bit of luck to attain any justice in the current legal and political climate.

Professor Winston is a senior fellow at BOCU, an imaginary university that he invented when printing out his paper B.A. and Ph.D. degrees. His main focus is history, philosophy, economics, and trying to get the undergrad bitches to sleep with him or use his tail for sex acts.

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