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Clowntable Discussion: Is it Okay to be Gay?

Nov 22, 2017 2:18 pm
ProfessorWinston By ProfessorWinston
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On the night of October 31, 2017, which was the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's nailing of his Ninety-five Theses to church doors in Wittenberg, the right-wing web community 4-chan /pol/ had a message to share of their own. The day was also Halloween and, sometimes dressed in costumes and cloaked by night, members discreetly posted pages that read simply, "IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE".

This was the only text on an otherwise blank page. One would have hoped that such a benign message would have been accepted or at least ignored by all, but it led to widespread panic from the left, including many accusations of racism. This achieved 4chan's original goal which was to show the hypocrisy of the anti-white sentiment among some parts of the population (such as public servants). They were shown to be vehemently opposed to a message that they would have accepted had the race been anything other than "white".

Knocked on their collective asses, some liberals copycatted the idea by posting on 4chan rainbow-colored images that read "It's Okay To Be Gay". Today, I would like to examine if this is indeed a valid comparison.

Gentleman, today we have before us a question which has been debated for ages. Is it okay to be gay? To have carnal relations with members of the same sex?

Ohhhh yes! Not only "okay", as you so homophobically put it, but it is healthy and should be encouraged. I know that you are a teacher, and my teacher in my expensive school told me that Greek men of old times were all gay. That proves that it is okay to be gay, cause they were, and we named fraternities and sororites after Greeks so they must have been important.

Your teacher needs to attend Winston's classes and stop pushing queer propaganda. All ancient Greek men were not gay, and I get the impression that most of them liked women quite a bit. It is true that Greeks had a culture of practicing same-sex relations with little thought to it, but you should understand their concept of that was much different than yours. They did not see themselves as defined by their homosexuality, as you do.

Ancient Greeks also raped little boys! Shayne, by your idiot logic, it would be okay to be a pedophile rapist as well!

Okay, but today we gays do not do that...much. I mean I do not do that. You guys need to give up your hate and accept homosexuality as the harmless lifestyle that it is. We have not done anything to you so why would you care what we do behind closed doors?

What you do wrong in private, in most cases, will only harm you. I think you should be legally allowed to harm your person however you see fit. However, the problem is that many gays like yourself do not just want to practice it, do not just want to publically display it, but you also want to indoctrinate young children in it. Given all the secular data that suggests that your lifestyle is a short and unhealthy one, we do not want to see it imposed on our children, who otherwise would have never chosen that route.

Exactly! They cannot have children of their own, so they want to infect the minds of other people's kids, if not their bodies as well!

This is the reason why I feel that Vladimir Putin and Russia are fully justified in their laws against gay propaganda. They allow homosexuals to peacefully live in their nation, just not to conduct sexualized advocacy aimed at children. This seems to be a sensible medium between safety and freedom.

Professor, I know that you also follow Canadian politics — which is, at the moment, utterly disgusting. Besides ruining the financial future of his nation's children, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is intent on aggressively pushing homosexuality on them. Even worse is Kathleen Wynne, the lesbian Premier of Ontario, who would like nothing more than to increase the percentage of homosexuals in Canada. It is difficult to overstate the repulsive nature of the gay indoctrination initiatives devised by these degenerates, and foisted upon kids in public schools. Canada is nothing less than a nation in moral crisis.

Don't forget Rachel Notley, the Premier of Alberta, who probably did not have to dress up for Halloween.

Yes, it is quite a contrast between the honorable nature of Russia at this time, and the wrecklessness of the Canadian government. Shayne, which of the two approaches do you think the United States should take?

The gayest one of course! The US is a diverse nation and that means that we all have to accept homosexuality. Here let me dispel a rumor. We American gays do not indoctrinate children!

The hell you don't! Go read Lucas White's article about the Drag Queen Story Time perversion. It details the ongoing child abuse that is happening at events held at American libraries where sexually-charged men, dressed as female drag queens, read gay indoctrination books to kindergarten-aged children! The one at Long Beach said afterward on his Instagram that he was trying to normalize all the letters in LGBTQIA+. I also saw a video of the one held in Brooklyn, and the degenerate asked the kids if they want to be drag queens when they grow up.

I cry a tear for United States children as well. They were inundated with pro-gay propaganda from their government during the Barack Obama Presidency, and those with enough courage to stand up to it are still scarce. They do not want to risk their political careers to do what is right, and therefore this nonsensical abuse of the little ones continues. Even if someone thinks that it is okay to be gay, I would pray that none of us think that it is okay to impose sexuality of any kind on a five-year-old child.

God certainly does not, considering all the verses in the Bible about protection of children. But it doesn't stop there! In Genesis 19, we read about the wickedness of homosexuality, and God then destroys the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. History has shown that opposing God is not a good plan for prosperity. I would go so far as to say that God fundamentally opposes any homosexuality whatsoever.

...and being gay is almost like asking for God to oppose you because he hates the act itself!

Oh I don't believe in God! I don't care what happens to me, just trying to have some fun!

So are coke addicts but it never works out very well for them!

It is a valid point that unhealthy activities will never lead to long-term happiness. The fulfilled man tends to be the one who follows his natural masculinity and avoids the many pitfalls that society throws at him. Consider that not everyone who wants to entertain you has your best interests at heart. Many times, they are lost themselves and trying to impose the same pain on others that they have suffered. Homosexuality has been established as a sin against God, even if practiced with consenting adults. We therefore should abstain from it entirely, as it will give us neither health nor happiness. It is not okay to be gay, even if just for your own sake.

Professor Winston is a senior fellow at BOCU, an imaginary university that he invented when printing out his paper B.A. and Ph.D. degrees. His main focus is history, philosophy, economics, and trying to get the undergrad bitches to sleep with him or use his tail for sex acts.

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