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BOC EXTRA: Feminine Injustice

May 29, 2018 6:56 pm
HeadAssClown By HeadAssClown
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Brood of Clowns looks at three highly-publicized court trials of recent years, where gender seemed to unduly affect the outcome. Erin Andrews tried to get money for a peep video. Some questionable women went after Bill Cosby. Larry Nassar was attacked by his former patients, including squeaky Aly Raisman. Whether guilty or not, were the judicial processes nothing more than feminist fails?

HeadAssClown is the mastermind behind the Brood Of Clowns circus. He created BOC as an alternative for people who aren't douche bags and dislike the typical stupid trash culture. In his free time, he enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and asian pornography. He has had sex with over 300 women and at least 50 snakes.

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Posted by Smutty Jun 01, 2018
02:56:22 pm
Smutty says, it is almost like Erin Andrews and Aly Raisman are in competition to see who can be the sluttiest slut and the most dishonest liar. It sickens my cold heart to think that these are the role models presented to America's kids. Aly's stubby midget body should never be nude in public, better to keep the clothes on than show her drawfed-out proportions.
Posted by henesei May 31, 2018
05:01:36 pm
Yep and now they are going for Morgan Freeman for doing nothing illegal just for looking at them the wrong way. Should lock them all up and by that I mean the MeToo accusers.

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