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Auf Urlaub - Arthur Thiele Art Gallery

Nov 25, 2017 6:36 am
LucasWhite By LucasWhite
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German History
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Arthur Thiele (1860-1936) was an prolific German illustrator, primarily of postcards and books. A Leipzig native, his art often reflected his strong feelings of German nationalism. This gallery presents his "Auf Urlaub" postcard series, which translates to "On Holiday".

Lucas White is the man behind the scenes. Also find him at, an image-based encyclopedia project focusing on military and political history.

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Posted by ProfessorWinston Dec 09, 2017
09:52:57 am
Erzahlung von Kriegsrlebnissen - Deposit of wartime expenses

Sturmische Begrussung - Stormy Greeting

Der Sonntagsausflug - The Sunday Trip

Gesegnete Mahlzeit - Blessed Meal

Endlich ein Bett - Finally a Bed

Im trauten Heim - In the Home

Unter alten Freunden - Among Old Friends

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