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Animation Articles 13-17 of 17
How Eisner's Disney Brainwashed Americans to Hate Cel Animation
Michael Eisner was the CEO of The Walt Disney Company from 1984...
Classic Funny Lines from Retro Cartoons
HeadAssClown is a connoisseur of fine cartoons. Here are some...
Smutty Review: LEGO Batman: The Movie (2013)
[blog]LEGO Batman The Movie! America's undying ambition of...
Cheetara Furry Fetish and the Most Shocking Moments in Retro Cartoons
HeadAssClown loves cartoons, and here are the moments that...
HYF's TMNT Collection: 10 Lesser Known Figures
hey ya focks, her iz som da lessor nown turtles figur i...
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Is the rebooted DuckTales (2017-) Worth Watching?
by Smutty
Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry?
by Smutty
Advantages of Global Warming! (If it turns out to be real)
by HeadAssClown
Star Fox SNES '93, Still Fun Today?
by Smutty
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